About Us

  1. Firstly, Verified Services is not an advertising platform, it is a marketing tool built around a unique marketing system and Code of Good Practice to create an awareness of operational requirements within businesses.

  2. Verified Services stands for Verify us, which allows your potential client and the public to "verify" your company, identify your staff or view photographs of previous jobs done, understand your minimum operational standards through 3 different levels of compliance, therefore creating transparency that offers peace of mind to your customers.

  3. The compliance levels dictates the work that companies compete for. This is a guideline, and not a standard and does not reflect service and pricing. Level 1: domestic, residential. Sole prop. Owner operated, 2-6 staff. Level 2: domestic, residential. Sole prop/CC. Owner operated with manager/site supervisor. 2-15 staff Level 3: domestic, residential, large projects requiring full H.S.E. Pty Ltd)/CC. Owner run, managers, staff ranging from 2 upwards and BBBEE certificates.

  4. By being a Verified member of Verified services you differentiate yourself from the competition, or at least create a level that the consumer will come to expect within the service industry and ask the right questions.
    • Are you covered by public liability?
    • Is your Workman's Compensation in place?
    • Can I trust your staff?

  5. To achieve this, we create an awareness through a unique marketing system and brand awareness that encourages all company documentation, websites, business cards, quotes, invoices, vehicles and if possible, staff uniforms etc. to carry the Verified Services branding. There is also an opening letter to include with your quote, explaining your membership with Verified Services, and what it means for them, your potential client.

  6. As a member of Verified Services, we encourage you to take ownership of the philosophy of the Verified Services branding and verification system. By doing such, you also expand your marketing strategy, as more companies join, and networks grow, so does your footprint expand through a network of like minded members of the Verified Services branding and marketing strategy. Thus creating a one stop solution of Verified Services.

  7. Safety and quality are at risk, if compliance and cost cutting are priority, Neither can be recovered.