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Privacy Policy

Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Performance Commitment


We are committed to:

  1. Continuous improvement in our processes to manage safety, health and environmental performance.
  2. We will contribute to the sustainability of our company by the systematic control, prevention and elimination of hazards.
  3. We will continuously work towards our goal of zero incidents and little to no damage to the environment.
  4. We will strictly adhere to safety, health and environmental legislative requirements as a minimum.
  5. We instil through our line manager’s the responsibility to demonstrate visible commitment, enforcement and provision of appropriate resources to implement the company’s SHE policy on the sites we work.
  6. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we expect every employee to contribute to the prevention of accidents by reporting, analyzing and controlling safety, health and environmental hazards. This will be supported by suitable training programs to staff are competent and effective in their roles.

Code of Good Practice

  1. VALUES AND COMMITMENTS – The Provider should endeavour to provide services which are person-centred, reliable, flexible, affordable, easily accessed.
  2. LEGISLATION – The Provider is responsible for complying with all current legislation in relation to the services they provide.
  3. REGULATED ACTIVITIES – The Provider must ensure that employees are suitable for the role that they will be carrying out, this includes checking qualifications, carrying out training and ensuring that staff have the appropriate level of disclosure.
  4. WRITTEN QUOTATION – We expect all Providers to supply written quotations on letter headed paper and provide a receipt for all work undertaken. Providers should endeavour to produce all documents in a clear jargon freeway so that it can be easily understood by the client.
  5. WORKMANSHIP – Providers agree to provide competent standards of workmanship in accordance with the services stated on their registration form. Providers agree to use the appropriate equipment, tools and materials for the work undertaken. The Provider should immediately declare any problems encountered to the client and only make true representations about the products and services and the need for them.
  6. CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY – Strict confidentiality must be observed at all times and client details must not be passed on without client consent.
  7. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY – The Provider agrees to visit the client as arranged by appointment only. Every effort must be made to keep appointments. The Provider should make every effort to communicate with the client regarding any changes to the agreed schedule.
  8. QUALITY OF SERVICE – The Provider agrees to undertake and complete the job with due care and skill and to complete the work within the timescale agreed wherever possible. The Provider agrees to treat the client’s property with respect and to request permission to use any facilities in the client’s home.
  9. CHARGES/ PAYMENT – The Provider should never request or accept payment in advance unless agreed in writing between Client and Provider. The Provider agrees to notify clients in advance where a call out charges will be made, to never charge more than the agreed hourly rate and to quote prices inclusive of VAT (if VAT registered). When requested, the Provider should provide an itemised bill.
  10. CLEAN AND TIDY WORK AREA – The Provider will carry out work in a tidy and professional manner, paying particular attention to potential trip hazards. The Provider will leave the Client’s home and garden clean and tidy. All waste is to be removed following completion of the work, subject to an agreed contract.
  11. HEALTH AND SAFETY – The Provider will carry out work in accordance with current Health and Safety legislation.
  12. COMPLAINTS – Providers are requested to deal with all complaints promptly.
  13. HANDLING MONEY – Providers should encourage all staff to wear photo ID badges, particularly when collecting monies from a client. Providers are requested to maintain up to date records of all transactions, signed by relevant parties..
  14. ENVIRONMENTAL – Providers should be committed to reducing the environmental impact of their activities. Providers will dispose of waste legally and keep records where appropriate. Chemicals should be disposed of safely, in accordance with current regulations.
  15. SUBCONTRACTORS – Providers must let clients know if any work is to be undertaken by subcontractors. The Provider will ensure that any works are controlled and supervised by a competent person. The Provider will ensure that all staff including subcontractors are competent to undertake the work. The Provider will take responsibility for subcontractors and their work were engaged to carry out the contract. The Provider will ensure that subcontractors are aware of the terms of the Code of Good Practice and will ensure that the requirements are met. Any failure to follow the requirements will be the responsibility of the employing business.